Sunday, March 25, 2012


People have become accustomed to being able to locate a sound's direction with the visual aid of eyesight. Blind people do not have the aid of visuals to guide them, they must rely on sound to guide them through everyday life. Because of this, Blind people have always had to cope with this disadvantage in life. Blind buzz introduces a radical new way to play a game where the players vision is taken away from them and blind people actually have a distinct advantage. The game requires the people be able to locate the position of each sound they hear, factoring in factors such as sound direction and distance. In order to compete with blind people, people must train their hearing to adapt to the visionless game world of blind buzz. Blind buzz isn't just about the player scoring as many points as they can by throwing a ball at different sound locations within a time limit, although that is the player's primary motivation while playing. Blind buzz is a game where people and blind people can play together and introducing a new sightless environment for the player to experience.

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