Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Experience Design Game Concept

Hey, this is an idea I had for what we could do for our project.

The Idea:
'Blind Buzz' is a single player radical game that has the player trying to correctly guess a sounds' location and position whilst blindfolded. The player is awarded points according to how closely and accurately they get to locating the sound. When the player hears a sound, the player throws a ball at the location that they heard the sound from. The goal is to try and land the ball in the correct position and distance the sound is from them.

Equipment/Materials required to build the game for demonstration:
1 x Blindfold
1 x Soft/Stress Ball
1 x Sound/Vibration emitting device

Let me know thoughts on the idea and what to go with this for our project, I think the most novel/interesting thing about the game will be getting the player try to judge the distance the sound is from them without eyesight. We can pitch the game as a game that is not only fun and challenging to play but also could be used to improve/train peoples hearing judgement and awareness to the sounds around them as the contribution it could make to society.

I have done quick sketches showing the game and should be able to upload/scan a couple of images which will hopefully be able to better show the game concept.

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  1. Will probably be a challenge to set up and play test, plus I think we'll need to work on an effective reward system (i.e. why do you want to play this game? what's the motivation to play it?) For Monday however it should do nicely as a pitch, and then we can spend the next week planning it for the live demonstration.